On Friday 8 May 2020 the email below was sent to those who registered for the HEAT, FIRE & FLOOD forum held on 29 February 2020 at the Phoenix Theatre in Elwood. LIVE is a member of PECAN (Port Phillip Emergency Climate Action Network) along with 12 other local community groups.

Dear HEAT, FIRE & FLOOD Participant

In February you registered for our forum about the climate emergency in Port?Phillip and Bayside.

We are writing to you now to let you know that the City of Port Phillip has responded to our resolution at that forum and our call for a public meeting to inform local citizens about Council actions to address the climate emergency and to partner with the community in doing so.

Council has also agreed to meet regularly with PECAN as a key community stakeholder in the development of future strategies and actions.

This is an important step forward.

COVID-19 prevents a Town Hall style meeting happening at this time, but the Council has just announced a series of three webinars to give us all an opportunity to hear about current action, ask questions and brainstorm ideas for working with Council to address the climate emergency.

We urge you to register and attend all three webinars.

Click on the image below for the webinar details and registration link.

A link to the ZOOM webinar will be sent by the council to all who register the day of the webinar. If you have never used ZOOM on your computer, iPad or phone email pecan.@gmail.com and the information you need will be sent to you.

Hope to see you at the first webinar at 5pm this Wednesday 13 May 2020.

All the best from PECAN (Port Phillip Emergency Climate Action Network)